Posted by: Randeep Singh | March 24, 2010

Interviews with Graphic Designers
Can you talk a little about your design process?
My design process always starts out with a pencil and paper. I typically start mind-mapping to get keyword and imagery ideas flowing and then start rough sketches concepts and logotypes. Once I feel like I have a solid direction I want to pursue I then bring my ideas to the computers – the continues on to client feedback, changes, more feedback and changes, etc.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get started on a project, and brainstorm design ideas. How do you get inspired and stay motivated?

I stay inspired through many methods but being active in the design community is my biggest source of inspiration. I have thousands of well organized bookmarks and I use LitteSnapper for scrap booking inspiration.

With all the projects that you do, how do you manage to find time for everything?

I for one do not manage my time well at all… mainly because I work a lot, but at the end of the day I love what I do and love to work hard at it.

What are some of your favorite design blogs that you read?

Coming for a guy that subscribes to over 300+ I would have to say I Love Typography, Carsonified, and A List Apart. Also, Jacob Cass’ Just Creative Design and David Airey’s blog – two blogs which inspired me to start my own. I have always enjoy the perfect balance of personal and professional in both of their blogs


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