Posted by: Randeep Singh | July 26, 2011

Example Sites for Muse

Sample sites that Muse 1.0 will target

Thumbnail Notes
Good example of the different ‘Browser Fill’ areas…AKA, 100% width
Another sample portfolio site from squarespace. See more here
Blog and portfolio on Squarespace
  Single Page example sites 
List of sites where all the content on 1 page, visually our target, but implementation (animated scroll with ancor links, text rotation, text drop showdow…) not always entirely within our reach for v1
  Capitano GoodBarry  Capitano Analysis
  Capitano BC ]
  50 typography and grid focused sites
  Design Snack 
Nice site where the community submits and votes on examples of compelling web design.
  2009 Web Design Trends, Part 1 
  2009 Web Design Trends, Part 2
Nice site on a relevant topic. (I bought the book!) Note that they used pixels for their typography. Also note the sample pages that open up as an overlay, a.k.a “Modal Pages”, on the main page instead of spawning a new window or taking the viewer to another page.
This site only has two pages! (Ok, actually it has four pages if you include the News and FAQ pages.) The shopping experience is drop dead simple. Note the remote rollover buttons on the main page that each load a different sample video.
Another eCommerce web site. Sells “stickers” that you apply yourself to IKEA furniture. Simple site with image previews, shopping cart, Flash animation on the front page, etc.
Another simple web site for someone who’s created a side business. A perfect example of a Godiva powered site. Note the social media widgets on the right, as well as the fact that they are using Google Checkout as their shopping cart solution.
Here was one I clicked on that I thought a designer should be able to create with Muse, especially leveraging Godiva.

I placed a snapshot plus a zip of the assets here Sample Site Snapshot
Something a print designer might come up with. Non-rectangular background header image that bleeds into regions below it. Absolutely positioned badge in the upper right corner of the page. The background header rotates so its different each page load. I archived some snapshots here:– Kin

  Basic blog page but it demonstrates a common design nicety – making the corners of one region bleed into another.

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